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Satin Slipper breakdown

by Patrick on January 20, 2014

in Mummers

Scene zero. This scene happens first, for 10 seconds before any music or dancing begins. It is so unimportant that they didn’t even drill with it. Nate painted that creek. I love it.
This scene came together so well…
It’s supposed to have a hollow stump that leads to another world, but that didn’t happen. So the story is kind of confusing from the get go.
Scene 1. Mushrooms everywhere. Slipper wanted so much painting that we had to simplify things. They wanted mushrooms. Lots of good versus evil mushrooms.. and trees. Mushrooms and trees don’t have the same scale and it was uncomfortable designing this world. So we used a different color scheme for good and evil. We also needed a way to make mushrooms look evil. So they got thorns..and they lost their thorns when they turned good again.
It’s fine, I’m confused too.
Notice how I am saying nothing about those mushroom props sitting in the front blocking everything. (there were 4 giant props missing too)
Here’s where all the props get taken off and you can see all the glitter that was glued to our painting. The glitter actually looks pretty great in some places. Some of these dancing girls were the glitteratti who made it so.
Scene 2. Evil mushrooms and trees.
They never drilled with this scene, so it is also without mummers in front of it.
It took 3 hours on christmas eve and 5 hours on january 28 (one guy). This is the clutch scene that is supposed to sell the transformation from evil to good, and it got handed to us christmas eve. This scene gave me the most anxiety and i had the least amount of time to complete it…. then it was mounted wrong (2 feet too low thereby cropping a bunch of work and revealing a black bar over the top that was never meant to be seen) and never fixed.
But it looks pretty good, the top 12 gets pulled down after “evil is defeated” and another glorious scene is revealed:
Crap, evil isn’t defeated yet in this photo, but you can see the appropriate scene in the distance, scene 3.
Loads of glitter. This year I began liking the glitter..

Another Head Process

by Patrick on January 19, 2014

in Mummers

Here’s the “big bad” for Satin Slipper’s fancy time celebration. This is Joe’s (they call him Pukey because he has a nervous stomach, especially for the first show) first foray into foam town, he did quite well.. We then had to paint it.
1 day to paint.
Just before leaving the garage.
And thats how it looks “done”.

The most boring mummer update

by Patrick on December 5, 2013

in Mummers

A bridge for Satin Slipper. I like it, that’s why it’s here.
And this is what it looked like in the first moments:
And this is a random prop image…

Enchanted.. ‘(0.0)’ ..and famous

by Patrick on November 12, 2013

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Here is the latest scene beginnings for Satin Slipper scene 2. Will make a better process page when everything is ready because I enjoyed making them last year.
Also, I appeared as an ancillary character in a photo on my favorite blog.
Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 12.31.30 PM
hint: I’m in both photos.

Mummers are back!

by Patrick on November 2, 2013

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Here’s a little bit of scene one for Satin Slipper. It’s comin’ along nicely.
Drew prepared the image for reference.

Satin Slipper got 8th place

by Patrick on January 8, 2013

in Mummers

The pencil sketch for scene one Satin Slipper(from my baby moleskine)
So, these guys (our second club) gave us a whole lot less time. Drew and I brought on Sean and Nate to get it all done. I wanted so badly to get into the details for this theme, but was blocked repeatedly by logistics. (And by that I mean nothing was built, really, until Christmas).
Above is an early sketch of scene 1. I was never given the go-ahead to even bother coloring this image.
When it came time to paint my design had to be changed because the client wanted to include dimensional guys glued to the backdrop. They had them carved by some magic machine somewhere, but it meant that the background wouldn’t get any real dimension.

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 11.23.01 PM
The day before Christmas Eve we painted this backdrop. Those guys glued to the front damage the “space” we painted, but it’s fine. Probably the worst picture of the lot though.
This is a screen shot from a youtube video, shot with a cam corder of the Satin slipper performing on a TV, PHL17.

Sean working on an arm of Eddie.

I was working on this arm, it’s not the end product but close-ish.

And the last picture I have of Slipper’s work (we couldn’t get to anything to take pictures of it). My silly little phone takes ridiculous pictures, but these are in here just to show that we have to turn flats into objects, and more often then not, piles of trash into props. It’s fun work, too bad mummer season is over.

And the unofficial video (because I can’t get PHL17’s to work):


by Patrick on January 12, 2012

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Not River Phoenix in front of the Dragonfly or the city that I don’t ever plan on going to.. This post is a celebration of a new computer. The old iMac is dead, sadly, and it’ll be a minute before things are normalized, but this, my first posting in several months, is the first step.


That’s Satin Slipper and the incomplete dragon during practice.


Interior scene for the Avenuers (big finish).


I learned a lot with this image. We spent a solid 2 weeks with extra labor on this one. It barely looks it. My favorite is the india ink sign.. and the guy on the human powered thingiedoo.


There’s 127 guys that I painted. Steve painted the bodies for 8 of em and Drew obsessed over the terrain. Too much detail for a “20 yard stare”.


The Taj M’hawl. I wish I could say this just flew together, but I struggled with the colors in the Taj for a while (it’s white of course). Drew painted the sky. He’s really good at skies (even though I disapprove of his color choices). We fought about the shape of the bushes. Nobody saw them. There was a huge prop in front of this scene. You can’t even see William Penn on top of the main dome.
I didn’t get pictures of anything. Drew took these but he missed a couple of things. Oh well.
This year I plan on recording my process better.
It sure is nice having a new computer.