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by Patrick on January 12, 2012

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Not River Phoenix in front of the Dragonfly or the city that I don’t ever plan on going to.. This post is a celebration of a new computer. The old iMac is dead, sadly, and it’ll be a minute before things are normalized, but this, my first posting in several months, is the first step.


That’s Satin Slipper and the incomplete dragon during practice.


Interior scene for the Avenuers (big finish).


I learned a lot with this image. We spent a solid 2 weeks with extra labor on this one. It barely looks it. My favorite is the india ink sign.. and the guy on the human powered thingiedoo.


There’s 127 guys that I painted. Steve painted the bodies for 8 of em and Drew obsessed over the terrain. Too much detail for a “20 yard stare”.


The Taj M’hawl. I wish I could say this just flew together, but I struggled with the colors in the Taj for a while (it’s white of course). Drew painted the sky. He’s really good at skies (even though I disapprove of his color choices). We fought about the shape of the bushes. Nobody saw them. There was a huge prop in front of this scene. You can’t even see William Penn on top of the main dome.
I didn’t get pictures of anything. Drew took these but he missed a couple of things. Oh well.
This year I plan on recording my process better.
It sure is nice having a new computer.

Mummers getting started

by Patrick on October 20, 2011

in Mummers


I don’t know why I allow this unfinished shtuff up here, because it consists mostly of excuses.
Here is the top half of “Marketplace” scene one, Avenuers.
There are still concerns as to why an “arabian nights” looking theme reads as the supposed “Bollywood” theme that the Avenuers are attempting.
Have to redo the scene two/two.5 sketch that was previously posted. It is definitely better to iron out the details before going sixty feet wide.