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Flat Club, this time its done

by Patrick on January 23, 2012

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Hope these classes are well attended.
I’ve only bought 2 new complete bicycles from shops in my life. One was a TREK mountain bike from Bustleton Bikes 19 years ago. The second was a Brompton from Trophy that I bought 1 year ago. They do a great job, If you can’t fix your own flat get over there and learn already.

Bider (or Ceer)

by Patrick on July 20, 2010

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Been making beer with Dan instead of the Liberties Brew Club. (I really want to make labels, and the LBC kids wouldn’t really let me)
We made a quick hoppy cider mess half with Kombucha.
Half of the “Bider” we made is undrinkable, wanna guess which?



by Patrick on March 9, 2010

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All right, so I’ve been lame. I still haven’t made a new sketchbook to replace the lost one.
I have however finally “replaced” my travel brush.
The black one is an o.k. brush in a low quality Shaefer barrel. The orange one is a just fine quality brush in a Parker Duofold from Canada barrel. (Pappy found both of these guys in the garbage, the orange one he brought on his recent visit. Thanks papa.)
I’ve been making these from old fountain pens for at least 10 years.
The classic problem with brushes is how easy it is to destroy them in the field. And though it is true that some companies make a just fine travel brush, they usually have problems. The biggest problem is trying to get the cap over the brush without squishing a few hairs, then blammo.. garbage.
So, my plan was to make a travel brush from found stuff that feels better, works better, and looks awesome.
Just so you know, I don’t have anything against fountain pens, so, when I put a brush in there I try my hardest to make all my actions reversible. (Designs for these and for handmade travel watercolor kits coming soon)
Now to replace my sketchbook. In the meantime I have been using a little notebook that I got for Christmas from good friends in Maine.



At first I was a little disappointed by the flimsy design, old school pencil, and crappy paper. Now I love it for those exact reasons. This thing is great; it’s always in my pocket, doubles as a wallet, and is always there for my sketchy note taking.
The folks at randL made it, and you can buy it at Eli Phant.

Oh, right. I’ve been very excited to have joined a beer making club (even if they can’t keep up their website). Here’s a label sketch.