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I love this drawing so much. Im a little butt hurt and feeling sappy, but it’s the most accurate drawing I’ve ever done of myself.
I did some work for a taco shop last year but the chibi dead guys are still with me.
Here’s a few more.
From the folk fest… as is the next one.


Flat Club, this time its done

by Patrick on January 23, 2012

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Hope these classes are well attended.
I’ve only bought 2 new complete bicycles from shops in my life. One was a TREK mountain bike from Bustleton Bikes 19 years ago. The second was a Brompton from Trophy that I bought 1 year ago. They do a great job, If you can’t fix your own flat get over there and learn already.

more bike stuff

by Patrick on March 23, 2011

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Traveling in California by van and by bike. That’s my good friend Reeshard driving the van. The bike was more solitary and dog-less. Also I tended to take less pictures by bike, but I got a few.
Here they go.


It had been quite a few years since I had been to LA, and what I kept hearing was how many more bikes are whipping around and how much more friendly the city is acting toward cyclists. Bicycle Fixation says all manner of positive things about L.A. cycling, and even BikeSnobNYC says a thing or two about it, but in my experience it’s almost exactly the same.


Boring picture, but it’s amazing to see the resources expressed to appear to care about cyclists. This bridge crosses Los Feliz at the base of Griffith Park. It connects the bike path that runs along the LA river (a concrete river full of homeless people and possibilities).


Another expression of cyclist sympathy in the form of a simple gate ornately executed. Notice how beautiful it appears from the road as you drive by. Just wait until you get away from the road and head down the bike path.
There’s a beautiful entrance for all to see, but very few exits, no signage, and even less cyclists. I took it to Glendale, but in order to get off the path I had to hop a fence, cross a freeway, and walk on a 6 inch curb over a bridge into an industrial park. Getting through that was another story entirely.
Clearly that path exists for cyclists who go in circles not for those who intend to go anywhere other than where they started.


Yeah right.
In Glendale there always was a huge mall called the Galleria. It was huge, that is until some genius dropped a city sized mall across the street called the Americana. This place is huge. I went there with pappy to see a crappy movie. The theater had an issue with my folding bike so I locked it up on a loading only sign way far off the beaten path.
This little placard is what I came back to.
So I looked around for the bike specific parking:


Trader Joe’s has about 6 times as much parking. Hell, I have that many bikes sitting in my little apartment.


I guess you shouldn’t trust a town that lets the vandalism of our coolest founding father go unfixed.

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poking around

by Patrick on March 22, 2011

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So as you can see it was flippin’ windy when I was in Venice.
Wandered around all over the the LA area on my little Brompton bike, including the Zoo.
Here’s a short list of some of my faves:


Portrait of the first earthling in space courtesy of the Russian space program.. at the Museum of Jurassic Technology. (Venice area)


Wacko: My favorite art gallery and weird stuff store. (Hollywood? or los Feliz area)


Meltdown Comics: It’s not golden apple, but it’s probably even better. (Hollywood?)


Random doorway on Los Feliz by The Roost.


This was my least favorite road to ride on.


When Disney released Snow White it was more than just a flight of fancy for the kids. Snow White was the first feature length color movie, the first american animated feature, and a damn good film at that. For Disney studios (then in Silverlake) it was the most important movie ever. It essentially started their obscenely huge empire.. The studio built these homes in emulation of the Snow White world way back when the studios were 100 feet from them. (Silverlake)


Echo Park: Back in the day this is where you would get all manner of illegal services, now it’s a park full of tourists, joggers, and ducks. (Echo Park)


Intelligentsia: A lovely way to end a ride. (Pasadena)


by Patrick on March 18, 2011

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I just got back from scenic sunny LA. I have a few drawings and a few pictures that I will be putting up here real soon.
This is the first drawing in my big sketch book. I drew this over beers and soup after coffee at Intelegentsia. I used to work with a CD ROM consultant a few doors down from this place in Pasadena. The coffee was exceptional, the service was perfect, the employees were attractive, and the customers were friendly.
This was day 1 of a three week trip. Won’t bore you with all the details, just drawings.
In this drawing you can see that LA roads are a special breed of precarious. I have been familiar with these roads from the perspective of a bike seat most of my life, but what I learned is: a bike lane here or there doesn’t make a city more bicycle friendly.

Brompton in action

by Patrick on January 26, 2011

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New Bike

by Patrick on January 24, 2011

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The coolest bike I ever bought was a General RL Osborn Pro. It was a trick bike from my youth, I built it up myself and had nothing but fun on it.
I believe I was sixteen, and that was definitely my bike cool peak. Since then I have had a few bikes and all of them were less cool. The farther from sixteen I age, my bike purchases get more practical; it seems that I have traded in fakie wall rides and bunny-hopping trash cans for the ability to get to a place quickly… with groceries.
My nerdiest purchase thus far is a Brompton folding bike.
This guy over at Ecovelo has all kinds of positive things to say about the Bromptons, but I think the final nudge came from the folks at Trophy. Hell, even BikeSnob was talkin’ trash on folders. It was like the planets aligned or something.
There will be no hopping on and off curbs or foot plants on “the man’s” face. This is a tool for going anywhere, with a ride-able security blanket. The ladies won’t swoon when they see how small my bike gets, but I can take the train anytime, or the bus, or the trolley.. and I think flying is easy too.

I look like a dork rollin’ down the street on this thing, but it really is fun.
Was thinking of butching it up with a bolt on cross bar, but these sketches have me reconsidering.
The first one complete with a BMX pad reminds me of those old Redline (?) bars that were nostalgic looking when I was a kid.
The second has Knight Rider like LEDs.
The folding process demands that the cross bar be on the small side, so antlers won’t do.
Just had an idea, have to get back to my book.