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Flat Club, this time its done

by Patrick on January 23, 2012

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Hope these classes are well attended.
I’ve only bought 2 new complete bicycles from shops in my life. One was a TREK mountain bike from Bustleton Bikes 19 years ago. The second was a Brompton from Trophy that I bought 1 year ago. They do a great job, If you can’t fix your own flat get over there and learn already.

Crappy day

by Patrick on February 13, 2010

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It all began with a brisk ride through the city. And not too far in I had my first crash of the year. It wasn’t merely super slick ice, it was the smooth bumpy kind.. and the front wheel wasn’t sitting well. When I hit the ground sideways still holding the bars (good argument against drop bars) I just slid another 4 feet. And like anyone who’s ever fallen knows, you need to get back on.
A few miles later, I noticed my saddle bag was missing. I went back of course, but nope on the object waiting for me thing.
The object was a green Carradice bag that I bought at Trophy Bikes. I’ve had it for at least 5 years, and thusly got my moneys worth, but it was full of precious stuff:
My U Lock
The custom butt bag Alex made for me at Fabric Horse.
My most recent almost full sketchbook (I think Thomer cursed me)
The greatest Leatherman tool ever
Bike repair kit (wrench, patch kit, tire irons, multi tool, and I think a pump)
Watercolor kit (I made it to my specs)
Drawing tools (pens, mech pencils, Custom brushes)
Old Zine (“Out Your Backdoor” from 1995)
and whatever I forgot about.
Posted fliers all over where I believe I may have dropped it, and my sketchbook has my phone # and address.
Maybe somebody will return it.
It is possible that it’s a good thing that I buy a new lock and make a new sketchbook, watercolor kit, and brushes…
What a crappy day.

I may need to have a print fundraiser to get a new lock and bag. Will probably go to the Trophy red headed step child for a lock.
Was looking at this bag from Rivendell. It’s American, looks to be of high quality, and I like the company.

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