Crunchy Unicorn

by Patrick on August 30, 2015

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This one’s for Thomer.
We’ve been Unicorning calendar animals for years now.
She wouldn’t like this though, it’s creepy.
This guy hurts me a little bit every time I look at him.
It reminds me of the conflict in a never relationship I had once.


I love this drawing so much. Im a little butt hurt and feeling sappy, but it’s the most accurate drawing I’ve ever done of myself.
I did some work for a taco shop last year but the chibi dead guys are still with me.
Here’s a few more.
From the folk fest… as is the next one.


The Reaper

by Patrick on August 28, 2015

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Leo the cat was taken from his suffering yesterday. It was a pleasant passing. Doctor Jeanie did a great job. She even gave us all a hug afterwards.

Double Tattoo

by Patrick on August 27, 2015

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I got a text from a young lady that broke my widdle heart.
She asked for my address. If she sends me a wedding invite, I will probably stop posting pictures…and drawing them, and breathing.

“Dog day”

by Patrick on August 26, 2015

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This is Leo. Not my pet; he was my sister’s family’s dog. He was awesome.
He died a year ago.
Incidentally my mother has a cat, his name is Leo. (no relation to the dog)
He is awesome, and he may die tomorrow.

This image was made for a Kaitlyn specific Fluxx game.

Dulcimer Grove

by Patrick on August 23, 2015

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Dulcimer Grove is where I go to doodle when I’m at Phest. Usually I don’t spent too much time there but the heat really screwed with my ability to want to do anything.

This is where the Give and Take Jugglers have their mini circus extravaganza.
Every year it’s the same, but somehow very different.

Pholk Phest 2015

by Patrick on August 22, 2015

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For whatever reason I did a bunch of Day of the Dead doodles at Phest.
They poured out of my pen, not unlike the copious amounts of sweat that oozed from my pores.
Ugh, I didn’t see a single act this year.

Folks assuming the position.

The Bogg

by Patrick on August 20, 2015

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So it really has been a long time. The sketch book has been a difficult place to hang out. The “why”s and the “how come”s are long and tedious, so just enjoy the rain puke and the freckles.


by Patrick on February 19, 2015

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A couple of beautiful people got married Quaker style last Sunday.
And for good measure, by way of a gentile and 24 hours notice.. the ketubah.
Incidentally, it was my first “same sex” union.


by Patrick on February 4, 2015

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