Dancing Babies


Technically not a printed “series” because they are all different, the “Dancing Babies” seem to dance on that precarious line between life or death. All the babies hide behind masks as though it doesn’t matter if they are one of the living or the dead babies.
There are two body types, printed two directions, with several different color combinations. Each of the four heads are printed both directions, some flocked, and the colors were tweaked a bunch during the run.


Each baby comes with 6 pieces: two arms, two legs, a torso, and a head.
They are each attached with velcro and therefore pose-able.
Collect them all.
Each part has at least 3 colors, with most of them having thrice that many pulls.
Hand cut. (my fingers ache just looking at them)
16″x14″(ish.. depending on their pose)
$40. (3 for $100)