tandem ride
My father (that guy right there on the back of the tandem) says my first creations were on the wall, made with what I could find, and difficult to clean up.  My mother would tell you that I put my mark on everything as a child.. scratched into furniture, carved into walls, and “fixed” with whatever was available. Now I draw and build things. I believe that there’s always a better, simpler, and closer to sustainable way of doing and living. I believe in bicycles, real food, and the sweet sounds of the banjo.
Aside from a year here and there and too much time at Glendale Community College, my professional training was had at the Rhode Island School of Design.
My current work is, well, all over the place. I gladly subscribe to the moniker of “art hack”. I can do anything, and if I don’t know how, I can figure it out..
More often than not I’m in my studio, 203, in scenic, sunny Philadelphia.
I can be contacted with my whole name @gmail.com.

A note about this blog:
The rules for me are simple.
Every post begins with original work done by me, recently.
If there is copy to follow, it mustn’t be long winded.
Posts need to appear at least once a week.