Best Shorts Ever

by Patrick on August 26, 2011

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In Philly we had an earthquake and this weekend we are going to be smacked by a monster hurricane.. Irene.
Anyway, it got me thinking of the last apocalypse we somehow averted:
May 21 2011.
On that day me and most of the roomies went to Great Adventure, but before that I went to Bicycle Revolutions and bought a new pair of cargo like shorts (see illustration).
I figured hey, if the rapture happens, I’ll at least have clean shorts.
These puppies are made by Modrobes, made in Canada (close to local), the material was woven from recycled plastic bottles, and they are designed for bicycle riding. A little long for shorts, and too short for knickers, these shickers walk a precarious tightrope between useful and annoying. Maybe if I tried a Large they’d be more like knickers, but the Mediums felt so good I didn’t care. It’s a good thing they are made of that stretchy plastic bottle material because the length never matters. Tug and wiggle all you want these shorts never get in the way. I’ve worn this pair for three months straight and aside from all the crap I’ve spilled on them, they show little sign of wear. The diagonal cargo pockets are genius. Nothing falls out when you’re sitting in a chair or on a bike.
If you want them go to where I went or go to your local bike shop and beg them to carry this stuff.

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