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by Patrick on January 24, 2011

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The coolest bike I ever bought was a General RL Osborn Pro. It was a trick bike from my youth, I built it up myself and had nothing but fun on it.
I believe I was sixteen, and that was definitely my bike cool peak. Since then I have had a few bikes and all of them were less cool. The farther from sixteen I age, my bike purchases get more practical; it seems that I have traded in fakie wall rides and bunny-hopping trash cans for the ability to get to a place quickly… with groceries.
My nerdiest purchase thus far is a Brompton folding bike.
This guy over at Ecovelo has all kinds of positive things to say about the Bromptons, but I think the final nudge came from the folks at Trophy. Hell, even BikeSnob was talkin’ trash on folders. It was like the planets aligned or something.
There will be no hopping on and off curbs or foot plants on “the man’s” face. This is a tool for going anywhere, with a ride-able security blanket. The ladies won’t swoon when they see how small my bike gets, but I can take the train anytime, or the bus, or the trolley.. and I think flying is easy too.

I look like a dork rollin’ down the street on this thing, but it really is fun.
Was thinking of butching it up with a bolt on cross bar, but these sketches have me reconsidering.
The first one complete with a BMX pad reminds me of those old Redline (?) bars that were nostalgic looking when I was a kid.
The second has Knight Rider like LEDs.
The folding process demands that the cross bar be on the small side, so antlers won’t do.
Just had an idea, have to get back to my book.


Murf 02.17.11 at 11:26 pm

Tiny bull horns perhaps?

Murf 02.17.11 at 11:27 pm

…for the Brompton crossbar?

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