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by Patrick on October 16, 2009

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It is a healthy attachment at that.. All of my bikes have em and when I see a bike without, it usually looks unfinished. Not only does a proper set of fenders protect ones backside, back, between leg, and shoes from loads of water in wet situations, but they protect the bicycle as well. Water and sludge don’t easily get into headsets and bottom brackets, strip the chain of lube, and coat all the expensive parts with crap when fenders are used. When there isn’t water everywhere the fenders still protect the paint from small rocks. Not to mention.. fenders look great.
They’ve been used forever for good reason.
The front fender gets attached in a few places depending on the setup. The attachment that I am concerned with is at the fork crown (see above). The fender here is cut away to show more.. 1. is where the brake bolt would be if side pull brakes are used. If not, often a straight bolt(shown) is used. 4. is the rubber washer 3. nut 2. is the specialty eyebolt that is commonly used. Together they join to form the fork crown daruma
My problem is the functionality of the fender is somewhat compromised by the lack of space between the bolt and the tire. Typically people just grind down the bolt to give more clearance, but that nut is still in the way (i wonder if Lance would think that’s funny).
A. the typical setup
B. my proposed setup.
E. a product idea for solving several problems (not having to take the brake off, using a flat head screw, and keeping it simple)
F. a jury rig, like the rest, but this one is made of wood(one of those hammer in threaded inserts would do the job for the screw)
U. (unmarked) the cork idea. It takes a bit of cutting and drilling but it has the makings of a free solution as long as you have cantilever brakes and dont plan on using the hole for anything.
This whole mess here is an attempt to take us away from the bolt and nut protrusion and move toward the sleek flat head cap screw.
New set of letters.
A. Standard
B. Proposed
C. Velox plug solution. Use for bikes with no brake hole and lots of clearance (ie, track bike switched to 650b or 26″)
D. Cork solution. (just like the Velox, but more DIY)


marina 10.17.09 at 6:33 am

I love these drawings, and your musings on bikes are always worth reading (cause I agree with them and learn stuff at the same time). My man and I are talking about doing the whole southern states tour next next winter, cali to florida. We’re also talking about dehydrating most of our own food next summer to prepare for the trip and then having someone send us weekly food packages at arranged points……

The Shed Master 10.23.09 at 1:30 pm

A star-fangled nut from an Aheadset works great installed from the bottom.

Joe B. 10.23.09 at 2:29 pm

Great ideas and beautifully rendered. Here’s another stab at the “too much air for daruma” problem:


We could have reversed the bolt to have the flat side toward the tire, but clearance obviously wasn’t an issue.

best, joe

Garrett 10.23.09 at 8:11 pm

Awesome. I love the drawings. And the genius ideas. The “b” option could be a “rod end”. Check them out online or at your hardware store in the bolt/screw section.

anton 12.24.09 at 9:16 pm

i had a problem with the clearance between tire and fender being so tight that the nut supplied with the daruma bolt (illustration “A”) was too thick and rubbed the tire. i devised a solution that was a sort of amalgam of ideas posed in illustrations A and B. i used the daruma bolt as supplied (as in “A”), but instead of the offending nut, i used the female half of a seat binder bolt, which threads onto the daruma bolt:

the advantage is that the seat binder bolt head is much flatter than the nut, resulting in more clearance for the tire.

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Gervase Gallant 02.20.10 at 4:03 pm

After reading this article, I’m amazed at this easy trick for attaching the fender. But, if it was so simple, why hadn’t it occurred to me?

Your illustrations are as classic as a pair of Honsho fenders. Nice! and thanks.

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