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Curly hair

by Patrick on January 22, 2015

in Tattoos


looking up in fetishized disgust

by Patrick on January 21, 2015

in Tattoos


Faces are revealing themselves

by Patrick on January 13, 2015

in Everything,Tattoos

Don’t think I like this guy. I feel like he gave me food poisoning from some lentils. He didn’t get sick though. Maybe it was Mystical food poisoning.

First Drawing

by Patrick on January 12, 2015

in Tattoos

Bit of a slow start this year. Been hanging out in Doodletown.

tiny sketchbook drawing

by Patrick on December 15, 2014

in Tattoos


This is in one of those 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 moleskines. It’s pretty mini.


by Patrick on December 5, 2014

in Portraits,Tattoos


I’m so embarrassed. Don’t judge me.

Deb’s new painting… installed

by Patrick on July 24, 2014

in Everything,Tattoos

The painting has two positions.

Where have I been?

by Patrick on June 24, 2014

in Everything,Tattoos

Anything I put here will look like an excuse, because it is.
I don’t know what I’m doing anymore, and I can’t see what’s next.
My studio nearly doubled in size, I have a TON of space, and yet my little real-estate..
my tiny show place, the only thing I haven’t completely let down…
I let down.

sketched again

by Patrick on March 29, 2014

in Tattoos

This is a tattoo sketch for a large painting. I gave myself a few rules for this painting and it was the most satisfying project of the year.
A more detailed process post will come.. as soon as I deliver the final piece to Deb.. and get photos.

The hand placement and zany proportions is why this drawing exists. impossible in reality, it seems plausible enough in a drawing.