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Alex’s Boots

by Patrick on July 28, 2012

in "Science",Garments


Folks like the shoes. Not quite as finished as I like but it will do.
The lady who owns these boots used to have a blog type thingie so.. no link. Instead here’s a link to her favorite thing.
I find it harder to draw other people’s shoes. Hmm.

Old shoes

by Patrick on April 17, 2012

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The drawings I promised from my time in Belfast ME.
Old drawings. But appropriate.

Red Shoes

by Patrick on April 16, 2012

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This color is almost exactly right. My beloved Red Wing boots. Red Wing recently re released some very old styles and a few years ago my mother was awesome enough to get me some for Christmas.
Oh crap I just found some beautiful shoes on the Red Wing website… also found my boat shoes. You know, the ones from a few days ago.
I know what you’re thinking. “I would love to own one of these drawings”, well its funny that you bring it up, but the last three drawings are on watercolor paper.. not in my sketchbook.
So you may purchase one of these lovely drawings for a small price.
Just contact me at: my full name(my name is my address) @ gmail .com.

Work shoes

by Patrick on April 14, 2012

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Red Wing “Oxfords” (even though they have a Gibson lace enclosure).
Had to buy steel toes for a machine shop I worked at. Red Wing had these on sale and the company that I worked for reimbursed me for most of the cost. I’ve put these shoes through hell. They’re heavy and ugly, but they’re good workers (8 years now).
Made in Detroit, bought in Fishtown, and used for various construction, demo, mach shop, and mummers.

Dress shoes

by Patrick on April 13, 2012

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Back to shoes.
These were for all the job interviews I was supposed to go on. The dressiest shoes I own.
Johnston & Murphy saddle shoes with the oxford lace enclosure. Bought at Sherman Brothers in Philadelphia. Made in italy.
Watercolor on watercolor paper makes a big difference.

Shoes again

by Patrick on April 11, 2012

in Garments


Another post responding to my fashion sense.
Golden Retriever makes these shit kickers. Steel toe, insulation, hefty shank, and a long wearing Vibram sole.
Had this pair 13 years. Subtle issues this last year, but nothin’ I can’t fix.

More shoes

by Patrick on April 10, 2012

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You might be tempted to call these Elf shoes but you should see Laura’s..
I made this pair of foot coverings on a voyage to Maine with the previously mentioned lady. We met a guy named Robin Lawlor; he let us camp in his airstream, taught us some leather skills, and showed us around Belfast. Great trip. These dogs have been resoled and are still kicking after ten years.
We did a bunch of drawings for his website (which is no longer up). Can’t find the drawings.. will look.

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Red Wing boat shoe

by Patrick on April 9, 2012

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The proprietor at my local coffee establishment commented on my skills as a leader of men when it comes to shoe selection. That’s right, the validation I have looked for as a shoe visionary has finally come.
This pair I bought at Benjamin Lovell a few years ago. These weighed a ton, looked like they were falling apart, and quite frankly were butt ugly.
So why did I buy them? They’re made in Detroit AND they were on sale.
I’ve been fixing these puppies continuously since I bought em’ and I had to replace the silly leather laces with standard ones (and figure out a way to lace them so the laces tie off to the side for bicycle safety), but all in all good dogs.
1.Benjamin Lovell has several shops. The one at rittenhouse no longer exists for me. There is no bicycle parking and after purchasing several pairs of shoes my friends and I were chastised for our parking decision. Bad attitude = bad business.
2.The one shot as a new website look. I believe the lady over here did the design. Looks pretty good.



by Patrick on September 19, 2011

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Ran a half marathon yesterday and the decision of which shoe to wear was difficult. Obviously I wound up wearing the cushy sofa shoe even though all of my “training” was with the “barefoot” or even more “barefoot” variety.
All of the anxiety I built up looking toward this stupidly long run was for naught. Thirteen miles, though quite a distance wasn’t all that bad. Walking it would take less than 4 hours, you just have to ask yourself if walking/jogging for multiple hours is any fun or is worth doing.
I missed Brett Michaels play at the finish, crap..

Best Shorts Ever

by Patrick on August 26, 2011

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In Philly we had an earthquake and this weekend we are going to be smacked by a monster hurricane.. Irene.
Anyway, it got me thinking of the last apocalypse we somehow averted:
May 21 2011.
On that day me and most of the roomies went to Great Adventure, but before that I went to Bicycle Revolutions and bought a new pair of cargo like shorts (see illustration).
I figured hey, if the rapture happens, I’ll at least have clean shorts.
These puppies are made by Modrobes, made in Canada (close to local), the material was woven from recycled plastic bottles, and they are designed for bicycle riding. A little long for shorts, and too short for knickers, these shickers walk a precarious tightrope between useful and annoying. Maybe if I tried a Large they’d be more like knickers, but the Mediums felt so good I didn’t care. It’s a good thing they are made of that stretchy plastic bottle material because the length never matters. Tug and wiggle all you want these shorts never get in the way. I’ve worn this pair for three months straight and aside from all the crap I’ve spilled on them, they show little sign of wear. The diagonal cargo pockets are genius. Nothing falls out when you’re sitting in a chair or on a bike.
If you want them go to where I went or go to your local bike shop and beg them to carry this stuff.