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by Patrick on June 25, 2014

in Portraits,Silhouettes

Ah, back to profiles. There are rules to the “facing profiles” game.
I cannot name them because they change with every drawing, but it’s a mixture of two things have to be the same, then two things have to be opposite.
I was cutting silhouettes a spell at the National Constitution Center so I been thinking about profiles.

its not presidents day anymore

by Patrick on February 25, 2014

in Portraits,Silhouettes

Actually drew this on the train. Had me trusty brush pen loaded with ink.

Not exactly Facing

by Patrick on May 19, 2013

in Silhouettes

Doodle doodle. Nothing here: never unravelled the hair, didn’t color it, and didn’t even think about what I was doing. Nothing.

More Facing

by Patrick on May 16, 2013

in Silhouettes

A little somethin’ from the baby sketch book Thomer and Hil got me for Christmas.
I’ve gotten away from explaining myself with regard to the doodles in my books. Maybe it’s laziness, or maybe I dunno. These are examples of a simple game I play. It’s not worth explaining the rules, because you might discover that I play games with all my doodles.

Paige & Lavi

by Patrick on May 15, 2013

in Portraits,Silhouettes

Another beautiful wedding at the Horticulture Center.
Beautiful people, yummy viddles, and even with the rain… a gorgeous day.
Congratulations to Paige and Lavi; I wish them all the happiness they can stand.

Facing again

by Patrick on April 29, 2013

in Portraits,Silhouettes

More facing faces.

Arctic Splash

by Patrick on April 28, 2013

in Portraits,Silhouettes

You can almost smell the parliaments and natty ice.

John and Ashley

by Patrick on January 14, 2013

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Congrats to John and Ashley for getting it done. Even though I cut silhouettes for five hours, the wedding was still very fun. I didn’t cut a single child. All adults, mostly inebriated… beautiful wedding, beautiful people, and what smelled like good food.
The wedding was at the Horticulture Center over by my favorite place, the Zoo. I pedaled the trike there; the Little Babies guy felt “pathetic” because he drove his Haley trike to the event in a van. Honestly the ride was possibly my favorite part of the whole day. The fog made everything more beautiful, and getting stuck in the mud wasn’t even a downer.
A few silhouettes from “open studio” snuck in there, for example, the first two are my studio mates.
That “blob” was a request.. in hindsight I’d ‘a done it differently.
A special thank you was earned by Ashley, John, Leila, and that beautiful lady in the sparkly dress.

Constitution Day.. 225 years

by Patrick on September 22, 2012

in Silhouettes


This kid was awesome, his parents made him smile and I couldn’t resist cutting what I saw.


Those folks up there are arbitrarily matched up.. for fun.
The constitution turned 225 years old on September 17. (And it took me a minute to post my cuttings) I love working at the Constitution Center.

The Fourth and where blisters come from

by Patrick on July 14, 2012

in Silhouettes


More cuttings from the National Constitution Center.
I had many fewer reenactors than last year, but was plenty busy.
Thank you Constitution Center for the business and letting me cut paper inside.. away from 97 degrees and sweat drops on every silhouette.