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At Bridgid’s in Fairmount

by Patrick on April 2, 2014

in comics,Portraits

Don’t you love a comic that tells you when to laugh?
Dialogue with Thomer is slightly flubbed for clarity.
The “raging lard on” is an absolute must get at Bridgid’s.
Mystery beers come in paper bags for the utmost secrecy.

Rhyming shapes, sitting still

by Patrick on April 22, 2013

in comics

Found this at the Zoo.

Picture taking is dead?

by Patrick on January 24, 2013

in comics

More like the opposite of dead, a cancerous growth that continues to sprout more and more cystic capturing and tumorous taking. Bleargh.. though it would seem that the professional is finding less and less avenues for a living.
Speaking of which I may be getting another photographer as a studio mate.

Tuco and the Sack

by Patrick on January 18, 2013

in comics,Homage


This is another homage to Scott Campbell.
This will hang in the kittie’s “bathroom” as part of another room-mate project.
When she got “fixed” she was super stoned and wobbly… on second thought, she might get embarrassed if I tell the whole world what happened.
I can say it was hilarious and terrifying, at the same time.
…still have nightmares about that sound.

Roomate Christmas

by Patrick on January 8, 2013

in comics,Homage,Portraits


This was a gift for my roomies. (I still think “roomate” is the best way to spell that word)
Thomer became infatuated with Scott C’s work last year. She bought a bunch of his prints and had them framed so I made my own “showdown”.
It was priceless when she opened it. She just looked at it, cocked her head over and said “I don’t know this one” and leaned over to let her boyfriend solve the “riddle”. She squealed, howled, and nearly cried when she realized it was us.
“The Wii has all our money” she said, laughing.. she buys a LOT of “Rock Band” songs.

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by Patrick on September 21, 2012

in comics,Everything


FACES indeed. Some roller derby content some toons.. what will I think of next?

(archives) And the moving roomie gets older

by Patrick on August 13, 2012

in comics


A political cartoon from 2004. I forget what spurred this one on.
Context is everything with political cartoons, so just look at the drawing…


One isn’t moving and one isn’t staying.
Happy Birthday, we’ll miss you.

Cherry Picker

by Patrick on July 9, 2012

in Bicycle stuff,comics


So I took a huge break.
This is what I feel like leading with. I sent this to Drunk Cyclist way back when. I wanted to be some sort of guest blogger cartoonist.
Didn’t happen.

other folks do comics

by Patrick on May 30, 2012

in comics,Silhouettes


That’s Jake. There are lots of people who do comics.. turns out. This guy posts fairly regularly and tells jokes in front of audiences. Funny stuff.

“Hiss”, a translation

by Patrick on April 2, 2012

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