“Liquid Bone”

by Patrick on January 26, 2015

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Hil obviously helped a ton on this little jawn.
Thank You Hil.
Voting for the best video is “LIVE”.


My first gif

by Patrick on January 23, 2015

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Curly hair

by Patrick on January 22, 2015

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looking up in fetishized disgust

by Patrick on January 21, 2015

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This Guy

by Patrick on January 14, 2015

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This guy could squat a gorilla that swallowed a bus.

Faces are revealing themselves

by Patrick on January 13, 2015

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Don’t think I like this guy. I feel like he gave me food poisoning from some lentils. He didn’t get sick though. Maybe it was Mystical food poisoning.

First Drawing

by Patrick on January 12, 2015

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Bit of a slow start this year. Been hanging out in Doodletown.

Done, hopefully not for ever.

by Patrick on December 31, 2014

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I managed to stomach visiting the Convention Center. My intention was:
a. to deliver this sign and
b. to take pictures of my work
Well it was a mess. I couldn’t get at anything I painted and what was “finished” wasn’t connected.
So I succeeded in half of my agenda.

More Posters

by Patrick on December 30, 2014

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The Avenuers needed a little side help with some painting, I was happy to help.

Happy Christmas

by Patrick on December 24, 2014

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May your holiday leave you nourished, but I don’t care what you got.
As an aside… This is my 20 th christmas card. Since 1995 I have sent fifty cards a year.
Every year I get a card from my mom/ernie, my sister, and now from my bio dad. That’s three.
This year (like last) i got one from the super golden Goldtonuks.
It looks like because I do not have my own family, nobody cares to send me greetings.
That’s fine, you think this is the first year I learned this?
Am I bitter? maybe. Will I get a half dozen “whoops” cards? probably.
So, the 20 year lesson I learned is.. if you don’t have babies nobody wants to acknowledge you.
Shit, I learned that a decade ago, but how should I respond?